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Talent with Potential Through the Human Connection


Capaxia Builds Bridges – by helping Job Candidates chart career paths that maximize their Unique Potential and Skills, and by connecting them with Companies and Organizations committed to Including More Diverse Talent.

Company Leadership: Thinking Inclusively


Capaxia believes that Inclusive Leadership is key to help a Company’s Leadership Reimagine Talent. By working with leaders to understand their unique characteristics, Capaxia helps instill the essence of Inclusive Leadership – viewing Talent as uniquely Individual and Diverse, rather than an asset to quantify and operate.



Through a company’s Leadership, Capaxia works to develop closer connections across departments and levels of the Company, and establishes channels of feedback on how to better integrate More Diversity into the Company’s Culture. To assist in Cultivating a More Inclusive Mindset, Capaxia also holds trainings and experiential seminars across the Company.

Inclusion model of talent


Reimagine Self-Perception

Capaxia works with different Pools of Employment Advocacy Groups

Promising candidates interviewed around their own stories

Foster Self-Motivation

Capaxia develops comprehensive profiles of different Candidates,
assists in building skill-refining training

Candidates build Self-Perception Talent Inclusive of all their strengths

Realize Self-Potential

Candidates chart and strive for career path that Maximizes their Unique Potential/Skills

Capaxia Connects and Builds Bridges between promising Candidates, Companies


Commit to Inclusive Leadership. Capaxia works with Company X’s Leadership to:

Learn/Apply Principles of Thinking Inclusively

Sketch portrait of current Company Culture

Cultivate Company Culture of Diversity and Inclusion

Leadership participates in Capaxia Experiential Seminars/Training

Capaxia works with Leadership to instill principles of Thinking Inclusively across Company

Discover, Empathize with, Include Diversity. Working with Capaxia, Company X:

Identifies wider, more promising Talent Pool

Brings on Hire based on comprehensive diverse background à wider base of Diversity

Potential, Untapped

More Diverse Talent means Wider base of thought, input towards business development

Company X envisions, Leverages new Opportunities for Innovation,
Engagement, and Performance

Candidates embark on career path Maximizing their Talent and Potential

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