What we do?





Strategic advise and influence the DNA of the company through inclusive leadership.

Change culture through sensory, inclusive and creative experiences.

Match Talent with companies DNA  Identify, train and develop diverse talent with potential.


Strategic advise and influence the DNI of the company through inclusive leadership.



Change culture through sensory, inclusive and creative experiences.


Match Talent with companies DNI  Identify, train and develop diverse talent with potential.


Empathetic & Strategic advice for the DNI of the company through inclusive leadership

Understanding the company’s purpose, leadership and their potential when
increasing diversity as an asset for their organization.
Identifying and developing opportunities in Diversity and Inclusion, when “dropping
labels” and focusing in people’s identity and potential.
Co- design a roadmap moving from exclusion to inclusion, from limitation to potential in an empathetic way.


Sensory Dinners in the Dark
Workshops awakening inner transformation
Well being awakening transformation retreats (1 or 2 days)
Personalized experiences
Speakers on: “Inclusive and conscious leadership”; “Diversity & Inclusion, moving from limitation to Potential, seeing pass labels and bias”; “Building Diverse Workforce to unleash human potential and innovation focused on what connect us.”

Match Talent with the DNI of the company, identifying, training and developing untapped and diverse talent with potential.

Identify and match through an inclusive and experiential model of interview. We
lower the impact of bias, attracting diverse talent with potential.
Talent Placement and Orientation: “Direct Team Workshops focused on Human Potential and Inclusive leadership”
Growth and Potential: “Talent-Direct Supervisor Coaching Sessions”, “Design a Buddy Program strengthening collaboration”


I had the privilege to participate in a sensory blindfold dinner organized by Gina Badenoch/Capaxia. I have to admit that at the beginning I was not crazy about it. Going in with your eyes covered gave me anxiety. I had fear to fall, drop my glass, eat something nasty since I could not see. As time went by, I started letting go of all those feelings to start feeling at ease, comfortable with my surroundings, listening more to what was going on around me. The fear turned into excitement. The anxiety turned into peace. It was an amazing experience that everyone should have the chance to do once in their lifetime since it is transformational.

Speaker and Consultant/Young Global Leader WEF

My first emotions were that of curiosity and excitement, a challenge that I was willing to try. As the initial minutes flew by and realizing how challenging walking, hearing who was talking to me, finding my glass of water and even forks to eat the initial sense of wonder quickly transformed into frustration. It made me think about how amazing sight truley is, how little are we grateful for it, but at the same time I started to realize how I started to rely on my other senses and how this became the most insightful. With my eyes closed, concentrated on hearing I could not avoid just thinking about the chaos that surrounds us, noises of everything just overwhelmed my brain. Taste and textures of foods in my mouth became quite an amazing experience. Above all the senses, I thought that because of not really knowing who is out there you could only interest with people beside you, might seem lonely at first but lead to some very deep conversations without any judgement of how that person looked physically or how she was dressed. Very interesting indeed.

Rodrigo Treijero
Founder & CEO of Recarga Play/ Young Global Leader WEF

The unknown and darkness is around and before any leader who is aware of the challenges they face. Technology, society, climate change and future innovation, financial growth and profit challenges, are all examples of this. Gina opens up our understanding of this phenomenon with skill and grace – leading leaders to understand how they navigate in the complex and uncertain world that they need to lead in. Her session is at the cutting edge of our understanding of how leaders can develop the skills to navigate the challenges of the 21st Century.

Andrew White
Said Business School/Associate Dean for Executive Education and Corporate Relations

“Gina led us through a sensory blindfolded dinner during one of our team offsite meetings recently. It was incredibly impactful for the team, we understood the power of silence and the need to listen, we gained confidence by being with colleagues in a dark yet safe space, we were inspired by the stories and the art of the possible. The chance to experience something out of the ordinary, yet during an ordinary activity such as dinner, was an important and valuable lesson for all of us”.

Katherine G-C
CEO Gulf International Bank UK

“Successful organisations are able to leverage diversity to the fullest including full inclusion of people with dif-Abilities. Ojos que Sienten and Capaxia provide invaluable help to achieve this”.

Paul Polman
Former CEO Unilever

“Culture comes down to how people treat each other, the permission people feel to be themselves and take risks, and the environment that’s created around the work we do”

Sally Sosa
IDEO Corporate Values